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Kimchi Love Story

We are proud to be family owned and operated.

  Osan, South Korea January 2, 1964

We are a small family business making authentic homemade kimchi. 

My mother is from Busan, South Korea and this is the kimchi I grew up with

(and  happily devoured)!

KIMCHI LOVE is all about homemade goodness.  

We make authentic kimchi from our family recipe

that has been handed down for generations.

Who we are:

Halmeoni: The keeper of family recipes

Me: Half-Korean and American (product of the Korean War)

My Husband: Czech (Who I met in San Francisco, California)

Frankie: Our son, who is a beautiful mix  

Our philosophy and promise:

We are all about wholesome & clean food.  

None of our products contain any additives, preservatives, chemicals or funny stuff...

...just a lot of fresh wholesome goodness.

We use the best ingredients and everything is hand-cut and inspected.

No short cuts.

That’s how we cook at home and that’s what we will share with you.  

We will bring you the best kimchi that is free of chemicals and packed with nutrients for a strong and healthy body and beautiful skin.

We make kimchi so good that you will love it!

From our table to yours, our kimchi is made with spicy love!

Because, we are KIMCHI LOVE.

Producer: František Pazderka

Žižkova Brána 1085, 286 01 Čáslav

IČO: 71286195

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